Welcome to the Holistic Training College which is an independent, private college that is licensed to deliver the IMTTA (International Meditation Teacher & Therapists Association) training courses and other associated short courses.

The Director of the Holistic Training College is Justine and she combines her passion for health and wellness, and personal empowerment through the use of innovative teaching and coaching strategies with her students.  Through this process students are encouraged to develop the skills and confidence to build their own holistic career.

Justine can also provide services in Life Coaching, Personal Development and Career Guidance and has previously worked with a wide range of individuals in these areas. However she  has a  specific interest in working with women to help them rediscover their strengths so they can achieve their goals and create greater balance within their lives. These services can be provided face to face, via skype or email to meet the specific needs of individuals.

Contact Justine to find out more. 

Justine Constable (Principal)

By gaining a deeper understanding of the practice of meditation and holistic counselling ourselves, others can develop a greater insight and wisdom so they can unlock their true potential.